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Arrow So much happening right now!

I love our Thursday corp. calls. So much is happening right now with EPX Body so let me bring anyone in EPX who may have missed it up to speed.

Dan announced -

Special Webinar - Talking about new packages - faster money 9:00pm EST this coming Monday - watch for the link to the webinar in the email and on the EPX Body corp page on FB.

Daily SeaVeg is on the sites and selling like hot cakes - all the research and testimonials and such will be uploaded to our sites & back office soon. We will also be getting an EPX informational site in the near future for the Daily.

Look for our new weight loss challenge system (not just sites but a complete system!) to launch some time next week at the earliest. You already know everyone who takes the challenge get's paid for every pound they lose - this system & sites will be strictly to promo the challenge. I am more excited about this than anything we have coming (besides the SeaVeg - I am pretty excited about that as well).

Sample sites are just about done, they just need to be linked to our back office so we should be seeing those very soon.

New site wide shopping cart coming soon (very exciting).

Monthly growth - EPX is growing and our numbers are up every single month! (we all already knew this but I still love hearing it!)

We had (I believe) four more people who just finished the challenge with a 50lb loss and they got their $500 checks - very exciting pics to come soon.

There was more but I felt these were the most important things happening right now! I am extremely excited about the coming months with this company!

Happy Friday!

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