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It has been months since I have been able to put in the minimum 14 hours a week that they initially told me was required. So far the only draw back to it is that you are not "ranked" this means that you are not likely to make the first page for more exposure. Other than that, no one has said a word to me about it. Of course, that could change at any point lol.

I do have 2 other services open when I am working O. If I receive a reading request in either of them and I am in free chat on O, I close out my chat on Oranum and take care of my other customer. When I am done, I go back to Oranum. The same holds true if I am taken to private on Oranum, I put myself unavailable on the other lines and concentrate on O.

You dont have to do the preset schedule. They suggest you do it but I rarely do it for some of the reasons you mentioned in your initial post.
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