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Default Favorites

Now that we've had a month to settle in with Velata have you found a favorite yet? A favorite variety of chocolate? Your favorite dipper? Additional ways to use our chocolates?

Angle food cake and pretzels with milk chocolate seem to be our house favorites for fondue. We've also been going through quite a bit of white chocolate making "White Trash" - which is our own mix of trail mix/nuts and bolts - chex cereal, cheerios, pretzels, dried cranberries or raisins, nuts & m&ms, coated in melted Velata White Chocolate. Good snack to have in a zip lock bag.

I have some team members who melt the chocolate in their fondue then pour it over ice cream. Even though it's warmer summer weather, we're still finding ways to enjoy our melted chocolates.

A few teachers also received fondues and packs of chocolates as end of year Thank You gifts.

How are you enjoying Velata?
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