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Default Big cost savings with Catalog Kings for business cards

I was on the advanced training call this morning with Mike DeFore as he was recording the audio for the new orientation video that he's putting together. It was really informative and I even learned something new: Mike said that 1,000 business cards can be ordered from Catalog Kings (same folks with the awesome pricing on our tri-fold brochures) for $35! I was pricing it with VistaPrint thru our Marketing Back Office last night and it was WAY more expensive. So if you are ordering tri-folds, you might want to think about ordering 1,000 business cards, too. I put my order in for both with Catalog Kings this morning. I'm really looking forward to getting everything in the next couple of weeks.

Also, if you are interested in placing our tri-folds into doctor, dentist, vet, etc., offices, I did alot of research last night into online companies selling the acryllic stands and found them as low as $1.09 each!! That's an amazing price. I'll be ordering those today as well.

Just wanted to pass on great news!
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