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Originally Posted by L Hinkle View Post
Hi Lori, I want to welcome you to wahm and also thank you my hubby has been out of work since Sept 09 when he was forced to retire early from his job he had a pacemaker/defibrillator put in and hasn't been able to drive truck since then, we received his ticket to work after he was finally approved for SSDI in 2010.

He has been wanting to go back to work but hasn't checked this program out yet I'm putting it on top of my list to make him check it out your post has inspired me I'm off to talk with him now! Tks for your information I had forgotten all about this.

I am glad that I have you and your husband a sense of hope. That makes me feel good .. thanks for sharing part of your story also. I hope we are able to help him. Once he fills out a form online, a staff will cal lhim and go over things and determine if he qualifies. Sometimes not every SSDI or SSI person qualifies with us because of rules and their situation, but our staff are ceritfied to figure it out and will always recommend someone to another good agency if we cannot help! I wish you and your hubby all the very best. if you have questions, please dont hestitate to ask me