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LaMonica said it well!

I am not familiar with the Mela products and cannot comment based on actual product performance, but I can say that Watkins offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee - no matter what!

Since I joined Watkins more than 8 years ago, I switched my household cleaners over to the Watkins products (laundry detergent as well). It has made a huge difference in how all of us feel in the home without sacrificing performance.

As Lamonica stated, you can join Watkins to enjoy the personal discount and only purchase what you want when you need it. You may choose to build a business at any time during your membership (or not at all), and-or you may purchase products as a customer - try them out 100% money back guarantee of course. Then, decide if you want to be a customer, a member or a business builder.

HTH~ Keep us posted!
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