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Default FAQ: Read Here First

Admin Actions
As you can see in our forum rules, we ask that you not discuss admin actions openly on the forum.

Please directly at about deleted posts, infractions, and any other admin actions vs. asking them here or elsewhere on the board.
New Folder Requests
Before asking for a new folder to be created, please ensure that there are at least 5 reps who are members here that are also interested in the folder.
Signature & Avatar
New members with fewer than 15 posts cannot add a signature line with a link or an avatar.

Once you get to 15 posts, log out and log back in and you then will be able to add both a 2-line signature and an avatar via your User CP.

Images in signatures must not be larger than 600 x 150 pixels in dimensions.
Using the vBulletin Forum

Here are some basic tips on how to use the vBulletin forum:

User CP (Control Panel)
This is your portal page to everything you need on the site: where you see your subscribed threads, where you change your settings, where you add photos, where you add an avatar, etc. **Please see attachment for visual**
Edit Avatar
Within the User CP, you can add your avatar to your posts.
Edit Signature
Here is where you can edit your signature. It is also within your User CP.
Private/Visitor Messages
vBulletin gives you the ability to send Private messages or post “visitor” messages on their profile page. This can be done from any users profile or in your User CP.
Threads: Default to Subscribe Threads
You can default to subscribe to threads when you respond by changing the settings in “Edit Options” under “Default Thread Subscription Mode”.
Threads: Subscribed Threads
This is the list of threads that you are subscribed to. You can subscribe to a thread by having it set up to “subscribe” when you post, OR you can subscribe automatically. This allows you to get email responses (or generate a list of subscribed threads in your User CP). Subscribed threads can be managed in your User CP.
Threads: View Old Threads
“Display Options” sort in “From The” dropdown box. The default setting is 75 days; you may choose to go as far back as you please. **Please see attachment for visual**
Time Settings
These can be found in the “Edit Options” settings of your User CP. Scroll down to the very bottom, and edit your time zone.
Upload Photos
You can upload photos under the “Pictures and Albums” settings of your User CP.
Maximum File Size per Picture 97.7 KB
Maximum Picture Dimensions 600 by 600 Pixels

Attached Images
File Type: jpg vB user CP.jpg (97.0 KB, 32 views)
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