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Default Reminder About Ads...Please Read!

** Reminder about ads **

There are just a couple folders here where we allow ads:

Advertise your business

Shop with WAHMs

Please don't post ads in any other folders including this one!

Ads include posts that invite others to visit your site, buy your products, join your program, include an affiliate link, promote your team, promote your sponsor, say how great your sponsor is, etc. Ads placed in this folder will be deleted. It also includes posts that say "I have that information on my site, here's the link." You are welcome to post the info here, but not to just post the links to your sites.

You can post an ad for your business, service, or product in your signature file. *This does not mean to post links in the body of your post and use that as your "signature." Links to businesses go in your sig file only (sigs available after new member has published 30 posts).

If you have any questions, especially questions about board admin, don't post the questions on the board, please email or PM a moderator or admin directly.