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Default Cheap Phone Service

Hi - if you have a fast internet connection (I have Time Warner Roadrunner High Speed Internet) - then you could buy a MagicJack and drop your local phone service --- well, as long as you have backup plan - like a cell phone - for 911 service if your internet service goes out.

I paid $39.95 - and that paid for both the unit (goes in your USB port -and hooks up to a regular phone - between the phone and the computer) - anyhow... you'd figure out how to install it. And for the first year of service. ONE WHOLE YEAR OF PHONE FOR $39.95!!!

I have 3 portable phones in my condo hooked up to this along with the one hooked into my computer - and, like I mentioned, the $39.95 paid for the first year's service. Plus, when I connected the phone they gave me an option to sign up for an additional 5 years service for some ridiculously low number ... something like $60. My OLD phone bill was $30+ per month ... it was awesome making that phone bill go away. The service works great - IF you have fast internet. Otherwise it is very choppy ... you can't stream video or radio when you're on the phone - but I don't do that anyhow.

So - that's my first suggestion to help lower bills. I have no connection with MagicJack - I"m just a satisfied customer for almost 2 years. Free long distance. Music on hold ... Caller ID. Lots of features - including free conference calls. Anyhow, check it out. You can order it online or I believe you can get one at Walgreens(?) and I know for sure at RadioShack.

Good luck.

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