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Exclamation So many jobs don't know where to start!!!!

So I have looked and searched and found a lot of information. Maybe to much because now I'm so confused. I am looking for a real job that I can make at least $300 a week. I have a laptop my main computer is old and I don't have the money to update it. My laptop is only a year old and great connection, I have a phone but no long distance and it has call waiting but I maybe get two calls every week. I don't know where to start or what I would be good at. I have worked in the medical field working the front desk for eight years, the last two years I've worked with a rental company that works with hotels, movie sets, and very elite festivals here in New Orleans. I did clerical and all of the collections. I have a health condition that I have to take frequent breaks on certain days. Please any advice would really help and please just don't tell me to keep searching b/c I have looked and searched. Thank you very much for your time. Also does anyone make any good money doing surveys?
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