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Default Websites~Your Thoughts

Okay so I noticed alot of the "big wigs" of Scentsy, like alot of the first consultants and like Whitney Luna, have a site separate from their main Scentsy site. Now when I look at these sites, it has the SAME info that is on the Scentsy sites. Just displayed differently. So I always wondered...WHY pay the $10 Scentsy fee, then whatever monthly fee you pay to have a separate site that says the same thing? Does it really bring you more business, recruits etc? Deciding on whether to spend that extra $$$$ (when it's hard to come by sometimes) when to me seems like you are repeating what is already on your main site. AND not to mention my main scentsy site is on all my cards and labels etc.

What are your thoughts? I always thought our main sites were perfect!

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