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I think alot of these ladies are being honest. You have to realize that everyone has different experiences. Just like you can have 15 ladies and 6 of them doesn't buy. Imagine if it was the first 6 ladies you would've asked to book parties and they all said no. It's easy to think your business is doomed because of all the nos. But like they said it is all about perseverance. Last night I went to a Premier party and she did almost $1000, there were ladies there who have already had their own parties and there again, one had 2 parties. Then the consultant played this game and you can take the prize if
you want to book a party, alot of the ladies gave the prize back.
I'm pointing this to point out there are alot of ladies that will say yes, alot that will say no and alot that will change their mind, you just have to find the ones that will say yes.
I know one Silpada lady here locally,, she seems to have at least 1 to 2 parties weekly..
I"m one of those crazy ones who tend to change their mind so I may say yes , then say no other times.
I think with jewelry, ladies either love it or don't but at the same time. I think presentation also helps alot. There's also the art of persuasion like just getting your customer to see how lovely a necklace is with a shirt, combining jewelries together to get the oohs and aahs.. there's one lady here, I think doodlebug, her launch party was not good but eventually things turned around for her.
The reality is Silpada is big business, they are selling tons of it and continues to. Hang in there.
Also , I believe you can do another direct sales but when you get into manager or some leadership you can only do Silpada.
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