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Hello everyone!
I just thought I would let you know how the first two weeks went with P90X! I actually have a coach, he is the FitDoc from this site and I check in with him. I am having trouble now with my back, but there are always modifications. The company encourages you to use WOWY to help you keep track of your next workout. Like today, I didn't realize I was to do do Chest and Back, but I think you do the5-6 workoutseach week for like three weeks and then on toother stuff so your muscles don't get used to what you're doing.

The first week was interesting....Chest and Back was intense but GOOD, Plyometrics kicked my butt but it was GOOD! Yoga is what I had the most trouble with. THEN the plumbing took over and with all the trouble between the insurance and the plumber and trying to get running water for DAYS, I had to skip like THREE days. So my coach said to go ahead and start over, which I did. I just now finished the first week!

Ilost only like 2 pounds BUT I can feel muscle! I can do pushups quite easily in karate and I can FEEL muscle building in my waist. Sometimes when I walk and I put my hand on my hip, I could actually feel the hard muscle under a couple of inches of fat, HAHA!!The easiest for me was Kenpo and Legs and Back, the hardest is STILL Yoga. I can see a small difference in my legs, I can see a change in my arms.I could dothis weird ab crunch thing that I never could before, where my feet are up in the air and I have to raise my hips to the roof. So, in just over a week, I can see improvements. The hardest things is COMMITTING to something like this - each workout is an hour, Yoga is almost 100 min. Ab Ripper is 17 min but you do that one 3 times a week on top of your scheduled workout.

This program is for the serious minded only. They also have message board because we always have so many questions and I can see people having TROUBLE keeping with the program and dropping off left and right. The ones who stay and post their pics - well, it's amazing! I plan on staying as long as possible!! Gonna plug away so I can continue to BRING IT!!!
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