Alicia Purdy

Alicia Purdy is a freelance writer with a Master's degree in Journalism and a writing background that runs the gamut from politics and business to faith and family. She is an avid reader, loves to run, cook and work on (but not necessarily finish) fiction novels. She has been working from home for 10 years while juggling 4 kids, 1 husband and untold number of pets. 

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How to Handle Difficult Questions About Why You're Not Married

You're a single mom and your children want to know why you're not married like everyone else. What should you tell them?

How to Help Kids Handle Two Sets of Rules and Expectations

What can you do about co-parenting with someone who is raising your kids differently than you do?

How to Raise a Well-Rounded Child in a Single Parent Home

So many times single moms feel like they have to do everything by themselves, but that's not true. In fact, your kids will benefit tremendously from having a "village" to help raise them.

How to Raise a Well-Rounded Child When the Parents Live Apart

How can a child be raised well when the parents live apart? It takes work, but it's worth the effort.

How WIC Works

Is WIC available to you? Learn more about this federal program to see if it's a viable option for you and your family.

Isolation vs. Chaos: How Do You Work Best?

How much noise is too much when you're working from home? Is there such a thing? To each his own!

Maternity Leave for the Work at Home Mom

What does maternity leave really mean for the work at home mom?

Parenting a Boy by Yourself

Parenting a son is a whole different ball game than parenting a daughter. If you're doing it alone, prepare for special challenges.

Sick Kids and a Deadline

A sick child and a deadline: Which comes first?

Single Parenting Tips: Raising a Daughter

Raise a well-rounded, emotionally healthy daughter when parenting by yourself.

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