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Your Internet Home Business: What is Branding?


Opening an internet home business can be a great way to work at home, with all the convenience and comfort that it entails. There are endless ways to take advantage of a home business opportunity and make money on the internet if you know how to market your products. One thing that start up businesses must do in order to be successful is to brand their product and make it marketable, as explained in this guide.

What is Branding?

A brand is basically something - a name or a symbol, or both - that your product can be immediately recognized by. When a product is successfully branded, people automatically link the name or the logo with the product, and in some cases vice versa, as shown in the following examples.

Examples of Successful Brands

Here's a vastly successful brand: Kleenex. Kleenex is so recognized that it has become, in the English language, practically synonymous with the product: tissue paper. Even though many other brands of tissue paper exist, people automatically ask for a Kleenex (when really any old piece of tissue paper will do). This is ultimate branding success.

Other successful brands include Coach (you probably just visualized a handbag with the signature C pattern), Brawny paper towels, Xerox and Revlon cosmetics. In all probability, you've heard all of these brands before; they're more or less household names.

The Benefits of Branding

Successfully branding your product makes it more desirable, something that people are more willing to spend money on. The best example of this may be expensive designer clothing, handbags and shoes. For instance, nobody's going to spend 100 dollars on a shirt from Fred Meyers, but someone will lay down twice that much for the latest piece by Ralph Lauren without a second thought. Branding, when done right, makes it seem like the product carries value and is worth more than other, similar products.

Branding is also beneficial because it raises awareness about your product. Anyone who talks about your product needs to have a name to link it to. Someone wearing a Ralph Lauren dress can tell any friends who compliment it, "Thanks, it's Ralph Lauren." One of those friends might be inspired to purchase an item from RL based on that, whereas nobody is going to retain interest if the woman instead says, "Thanks, I don't know who made it, but isn't it great?"

How to Brand Your Product

There are two vital pieces to branding your product: coming up with a brand name and logo, and more importantly, your product itself. In order to spread awareness about your product, it has to be memorable in a good way. Go the extra mile to ensure its quality. If it's a physical item, ship it attractively and maybe include a handwritten note. Have impeccable customer service and make people want to return. Then, a catchy name and appropriate logo will make your brand recognizable.

Successfully branding your product can help your internet home business succeed. Be memorable for all the right reasons, and people will keep coming back for more.

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