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Your Children Can Help with These 6 Chores and Housework


By teaching your children how to help with chores and housework, you will find it easier to get more accomplished during the day. Not only will you get more accomplished, but you will also be teaching your children the importance of responsibility and accountability. What types of chores can your child do and how can you make the experience fun and rewarding for them as well?

It is important to establish a household chore list, designating certain jobs to each member of the family. Keep in mind that chores should be age-appropriate, though toddlers can begin to learn how to help with household chores. As the children get older, they will be able to assist with more tasks. By the time your child is a pre-teen/teenager, she should be able to complete the majority of household tasks satisfactory. Here are six chores your children can help out with:

1. Vacuuming

Children and teenagers are capable of vacuuming carpeted floors and rugs. Show your child how to make correct carpet lines and stress the importance of not running over the cord.

2. Dusting

Even young children can help with this simple household chore. Give your child a dusting cloth, wet or damp, to dust knick-knacks, baseboards, chair rails and furniture.

3. Laundry

For young helpers, have your children help sort the laundry into correct piles. Older children can learn how to wash, dry and fold laundry, including how to correctly measure laundry detergent.

4. Dishes

Children as young as 3 can assist with loading and unloading the dishwasher, making great progress as they get older. Older children are capable of loading and unloading the dishwasher independently. Teach your child the importance of handling knives and other sharp instruments carefully, or do this part yourself to avoid preventable accidents.

5. Bedroom & Playroom Cleaning

Children of all ages can be taught the importance of being responsible for their personal belongings. Ensure that your children keep their rooms clean each day by putting away their toys and making their bed. When it is time to wash linens, ask your children to remove their sheets from their beds to be washed.

6. Take out Trash

A simple yet helpful chore that children can help assist with is trash management. Ask your child to collect the trash from all wastebaskets within the house, combining it into one trash bag. Have your child take the trash to the outdoor receptacle, or wherever your family places trash until trash collection day.

Rewards and Acknowledgement

Praise your children's efforts when they complete a chore or household task. Occasionally reward your children's good efforts, but always acknowledge their efforts with simple words of kindness and appreciation. To make household chores more pleasant, try to make chores fun and exciting. Use the following tips to make the most out of chores:

  • Have a race. Who can finish first?
  • Give your child chores that they enjoy doing.
  • Avoid frustration by not asking too much of your child.
  • Turn on music.
  • Beat the timer. Set a timer and see if your child can finish before the buzzer goes off.
  • Play a game. Throw dirty clothes into a hamper like a basketball. Collect a particular color of toys at a time.

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