XanGo: A WAHM's Guide

XanGo offers those interested in health and wellness products the proper training to build a sales team and strive for financial success.

XanGo is a company that is devoted to health and wellness products. It was created in 2002 by six men who believe that "wellness is a word limitless in its positive implications. We don't believe it should be restricted to merely the physical or emotional, the mental or the spiritual--we believe wellness should cover even the financial and social aspects of life." The company began selling XanGo juice, but over time evolved to include other products, such as Eleviv and Glimpse Skin Care. XanGo is a privately owned company with 1,000,000 Independent Distributors around the globe. As a XanGo Distributor, you would be responsible for selling the company's products to others.

Starting Out as a XanGo Distributor

XanGo makes it very clear that they are an MLM-based sales company. MLM, also known as multi-level marketing, is a kind of marketing system that relies upon you recruiting other people to the company to create what's known as a downline. You earn a percentage of your recruits' sales, and their recruits' sales, and so forth down the line. To begin as a XanGo distributor, you need to find someone in your area who sells it as well and join the company through that person. The XanGo website does not have information about what it costs to get started or even how to get started, so it's important to find a distributor and get the facts before moving forward. To apply, you must be 18 years of age or older. You will need to purchase a Starter Kit and fill out a Distributor Agreement before you are formally in business.

Compensation as a XanGo Distributor

XanGo has detailed information about compensation available for download on their website. Your compensation varies depending upon which level you are at, and which sales method you choose. Therefore, you should download the compensation information directly from the website (it's available in PDF format) so that you can refer to it before joining the company. In part, the statement regarding compensation says, "the Company pays various Commissions for the Sale of Product. Commissions are calculated based on the Commissionable Volume in either the Sponsor Tree or Placement Tree resulting from a product order," as well as several other qualifications.

Thriving as a XanGo Distributor

To thrive as a XanGo Distributor, you need to love the company's health and wellness products, and believe in XanGo's mission statement of promoting health and wellness. In addition, you need to be comfortable selling the products and building up a team using the company's MLM methods of recruitment. As with all MLM endeavors, building a team will be crucial to your financial success.

Is It for You?

Of all the direct sales companies out there, XanGo is the most masculine in terms of approach and "feel," not too surprising since it was started by half a dozen men. To enjoy life as a XanGo Distributor, you should be passionate about their products, and a go-getter when it comes to recruiting others to the company.

Noteworthy Information

XanGo has received a lot of media attention for its MLM approach, even eliciting an article in Forbes magazine.

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