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Work-From-Home Clerical Jobs Examined


Many clerical jobs are perfectly suited to working from home. With advances in technology making it so the masses own personal computers and have access to high-speed Internet connections, you probably have almost everything you need to perform clerical work from your home office.

What are Clerical Jobs?

Virtual assistants, bookkeepers, accounting jobs, typists and data entry jobs all fall under the general category of clerical jobs. These jobs usually involve performing the duties of a clerk or secretary, typing and entering data into software applications on a personal computer. Because of the lower cost of overhead and expenses involving employees, many businesses, large and small, are contracting out clerical jobs to people who work from home.

Required Skills

The skills required for clerical work will vary from job to job. At a minimum, you need to possess a basic aptitude for typing and working with computer software applications in order to be successful at clerical work. Some clerical jobs like bookkeeping may require further training or experience dealing with business finance. Accounting jobs often require a college degree as well as certification. To work as a virtual assistant, you may need a combination of skills involving typing, phone skills, basic bookkeeping skills and computer skills.

Required Equipment

The equipment required for most clerical jobs is a personal computer, high-speed Internet access and the standard office software applications that come with most home computer systems. Beyond that, your employer may use a specific software application that you don't already have. If you work as a virtual assistant, you may need a separate phone line or a headset. Your employer may also require that your home office setup has a door separating you from family disturbances during work hours.

Avoiding Scams

If you have looked online for work-from-home jobs, you probably already know that much of what you find is some sort of a scam. Or, at least, the job is not what it appears to be. If you look for clerical jobs online, be certain that they are just that: clerical jobs where you are hired by an employer.

You can get involved in paying for leads and information, but most legitimate jobs can be found for free by looking at local classified ads or websites like Elance, ifreelance and Career Builder that cater to freelancers and the work-from-home community. One sure way to be taken in by a scam is to buy into the hype that you can get rich performing simple clerical jobs. The truth is that if the job sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Expect that a legitimate company offering legitimate clerical work will pay you commensurate to the going rate for that type of work. If they are offering more, then beware and be sure to read the fine print before you give out any personal information.

Clerical jobs suited to telecommuting and remote home offices are available in abundance. With the right combination of clerical skills, home office setup and wariness toward work-from-home scams, you can find clerical work that is just right for you.

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