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Work from Home as a Floral Designer


Combine your love of flowers and talent for floral design into a work from home success story. Though you may want to take classes or gain experience working for a florist, becoming a floral designer does not require any formal education.

Floral Design Opportunities

A floral designer may arrange live flowers, plants or silk flowers for display at weddings, funerals, graduations or other holidays and events. They may work with individuals on small orders or work with caterers or planners on a large custom event. If you work from home as a floral designer, you can choose the niche or niches to serve with your business.

Floral Design Supplies

If you plan to make live floral arrangements for your customers, you will need a place to store fresh flowers and grow plants. A large floral cooler will be necessary to keep a fresh stock of flowers alive. If you work with plants and have the space, you may also consider a small greenhouse to grow plant starts or to grow your own flowers. In addition, you will need a dedicated, well lit space with a large work table that is comfortable for arranging bouquets. If you will be making deliveries, then you will also need a vehicle that can provide safe transport for flower arrangements.

Flower Power

Flowers are a beautiful aspect of life. The downside is that flowers come full of allergy potential. Before you commit to the business of being a floral designer, consider what your allergy sensitivities are. It probably isn't a good work at home option for someone with severe allergies.

Inspiring Work

Flowers say many different things to many people. They can be beautiful and fragrant and full of meaning. The job of a florist is to help people convey a message of some kind with the bouquet they choose. A knowledge of the kinds of flowers, the symbolism of specific colors and varieties as they pertain to life changes or relationships can be an important and fulfilling expertise. Floral design is a good work-at-home business for someone who likes to interact with people and brighten up the important events of people's lives.

Business Potential

Although floral design employees have a high turnover rate and little opportunity for advancement, as a self-employed floral designer, the income potential is solid and relatively stable. Furthermore, a happy customer is a repeat customer. People who purchase bouquets on a regular basis tend to use the same floral designer for each order. They will also tell their friends and provide valuable word of mouth advertising for your business. Furthermore, because flowers and bouquets require frequent replacement, the chances are good that many customers will order flowers and bouquets on a regular basis.

A knowledge of flowers, floral design and excellent customer service skills are required to be a floral designer. This work at home business opportunity does require a minimum initial investment of floral refrigeration and a well lit work space. But, with excellent quality and an advertising strategy, floral design has a solid potential for future growth.

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