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Why Working Pro Bono Can Yield Dividends Later


Any kind of home business requires the business owner to have strong skills, good references and a solid business plan to put them to work. Even if you have worked outside the home in a specific capacity, doing pro bono work when starting your new business can help you to solidify certain skills and to get references for your home business that you didn't have before.

Clients who hear that you worked for business get an idea about your work skills, but they don't give potential clients an idea about how your own business will serve them. This can only be done by getting references from clients that you have actually helped with your work-from-home business. References are a powerful commodity in any business, and getting pro bono work done in exchange for a reference is a good deal to most clients who need products or services. 

Website References

If you work from home, you need a website for business marketing. A home business website that has references or testimonials tells potential customers how other people have benefited from your business. Much like reading product reviews online, these testimonials show clients how you work in a real-world setting rather than simply allowing customers to read a list of your skills and products. 

Clients are often willing to pay more for products and services that have good reviews because they have a better chance of being satisfied with what they paid for. They have less financial risk when buying something that has performed well for customers in the past than they do with a new company that represents a complete unknown.

By doing pro bono work, you can get those reviews fast and use them to get all of your future work.

Offering Pro Bono Work

To get those first few pro bono customers, solicit for customers by offering the pro bono arrangement. Once you have gotten these first few customers, you can begin to practice your skills, gain new ones and learn what it takes to make customers happy when you work from home. The skills you learn form those first few customers will improve your business and give you experience that any future customers will appreciate.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Being successful with those first few customers may also lead to positive word of mouth. That will bring in new customers faster than any marketing that you may do online. Customers tend to ask around for positive recommendations before choosing a company to do business for. A small business that comes with this kind of personal recommendation has a distinct advantage over businesses that these customers have never heard of before. 

Pro bono work can also result in repeat customers, making that free work turn into paying work down the road. When customers are happy with your work, they will keep you in mind the next time they need what you sell.

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