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What is the Best Way to Announce Your Pregnancy to the Office?


Pregnancy is an overwhelming milestone in a woman's life. It would be advisable to announce your pregnancy after your first trimester, when the occurrence of miscarriage is very minimal. Sharing the good news to your workmates can be an exciting event to anticipate.

There are countless creative ways to reveal your pregnancy. Here are some tips that can help you break the news:

Determine When and Where to Tell Your Boss

  • Most people recommend spilling the news at the end of the third month, when pregnancy is believed to be safer. Studies have shown that the critical period in child bearing is in the first trimester.
  • Finding the right place to tell your immediate supervisor is also something you should consider. You don't want to tell her in a crowded cafeteria with an audience around you. Set something that is private.
  • Be sure to catch her when she is not busy and in a good spirits. You can also set up a 30-minute appointment with her, invite her for some coffee or maybe lunch. You may need to have a hearty chat and discuss relevant issues such as your maternity leave, task delegation in the coming months, etc. The company needs to reassign your tasks to other employees or train someone that can handle all of your duties while you are away.


Share the Good News with Co-Workers

Make sure you reveal your pregnancy to your boss before you convey the good news to your co-workers. This way, if the word leaks out, your boss will surely here the news from your mouth.

Set up a time to tell each of your close co-workers individually. This way, they will feel included in the good news and be able to congratulate you one-on-one. You can also discuss with them your plans to assure all the necessary work gets done while you're on maternity leave.

Prepare Yourself for Working While Pregnant

If you are pregnant, you're not only taking care of yourself, but you're responsible for the health of your unborn baby. There can be times that work mandates you to travel for a meeting or a gathering out of state or out of the country; this may not be advisable during certain times of your pregnancy.

  • Be sure to check your company's calendar months ahead before your due date.
  • You may request for special considerations, such as postponing your travel meetings and reassigning your other arduous tasks at the office.


Even if you are carrying a lot of weight with you, be professional. Do all the work that needs to be done, and don't expect people to carry the burden for you just because you are pregnant. Always plan ahead to ensure your tasks will get completed.

Remember that your pregancy is good news, and your boss and co-workers will be happy for you. Find the right time to reveal your pregnancy to the office, and make sure you have a plan in place to meet the needs of your job and your baby.

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