Vitamark: A WAHM's Guide


Vitamark is one of the nation's fast emerging multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that features nutritional and health products. They also feature awesome nutritional supplements to their dealers and an unlimited down line potential. Established in the year 2002, Vitamark now leads its many distributors across the country and has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. The company is continually bringing better and healthier lives through the years and has proven its probability of a stable future.

Starting as a Vitamark Dealer

Vitamark does offer a very profitable incentive plan to their dealers. Vitamark's start up kit will cost you $30. The kit already includes some of Vitamark's health products, a personalized website and access to an online management tool.

Compensation as a Vitamark Dealer

The Vitamark compensation package is something worthwhile for anyone to efficiently locate and begin her very own small business. Business builders usually earn $40 to $200 for recruiting new independent distributors. This compensation package is usually referred to as 'fast start money' and is created to mainly fund your bank account swiftly while growing residual cash. If you belong to the leadership team, compensation packages can reach as much as $2000 for car allowance.

Thriving as a Vitamark Dealer

Vitamark features superior management headed by one of the greatest names in the MLM industry, Tom Schreiter. Tom is a successful marketing instructor and executive. Together with David Bertand and Jana Mitcham, they created Vitamark International as an MLM company with new compensation packages and a firm that leverages the advantages of the online revolution.

Vitamark's compensation structure may not be as simple and clear as what the company claims. They feature an initial down yield of 54 percent commission and the second out of the seventh down line will bring around 34 percent commission. The recent market place for dietary supplements is saturated these days, and even if the revenue possibility is still there, you still might want to network your business effectively in order to succeed. The major catch is their uni-level compensation plan. This means that you are only able to put one down line below you. In this MLM strategy, distributors are not allowed to grow wide. This marketing structure has the potential of turning into a 'do it for somebody else' business.

Is It for You?

The company has recently released their 'freedom plan' which has created a little buzz in the online community. Overall, Vitamark business is not a get rich quick company. It is something that needs excellent marketing skills and efficient products to succeed. Vitamark is best for WAHMs who have good networking and advertising skills.

Noteworthy Information

VitaOne is one of the company's most popular items and also considered to be among the company's highest revenue generating products nowadays. Consumers who have used the supplement claim to be healthier, lighter and even more vibrant than before. Limu Plus is considered to be the mother product. Limu Plus is a health drink composed of Tongan Kelp that is believed to improve the functions of the digestive system, blood functions and skin growth. Vitamark also features a powdered energy drink called 'Crave,' which is slowly gaining its popularity in the market. 

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