VeraFast: A WAHM's Guide


VeraFast  is considered to be one of the world's biggest verification companies, making a total of 15 million calls every year. The company was founded in the year 1976 by its president and CEO, Robert Bensman. Through the years, VeraFast has served many companies in Canada and the United States. The main business is geared towards making brief and accurate consumer contacts to verify important information that will strengthen their clients' transactions. VeraFast has already worked with more than 160 newspaper companies and over 50 phone directory publishers worldwide.

The company's headquarters is located in Ohio, with over 300 people stationed in that site alone. VeraFast employs more than 500 independent contractors nationwide. The company also features state of the art technology and software programs that let them work efficiently every day.

Starting as a VeraFast Independent Contractor

Once you get employed, VeraFast offers a 2-day training program consisting of webinars that will train you on how to use their system and code calls. Webinars usually last for an hour and participants are given the chance to clarify ideas and ask questions at the end of the session. After being exposed in webinars, you are tasked to make your own calls. Calls are recorded and then evaluated by the training team for coaching purposes.

Compensation as a VeraFast Independent Contractor

The company's pay is based on call volume, commissions, projects and previous experiences. Putting in more than 15 works hours a week would definitely give you a huge paycheck. Pay will also be based on your progress and your behavior towards the firm's policy and guidelines. An employee gets to choose assignments on a first come, first serve basis. You get to choose your work hours and make sure you log into the system daily. Attendance is observed strictly and unexplained absences are not tolerated.

Thriving as a VeraFast Independent Contractor

VeraFast is a work at home opportunity that needs time, attention and focus. You get paid for the hours that you have worked for the company. You'd have to be excellent in terms of work performance, or you can put in extra hours for you to earn more money.

Is It for You?

VeraFast is best for WAHMs who have previous experience in customer service and have good phone handling skills. Work hours are usually in the morning, but there are also night shifts.

Noteworthy Information

VeraFast is continually partnering with dedicated individuals who would want to make customer service a part time job or for those who are looking to work at the convenience of their very own homes. This work flexibility has attracted a lot of interested citizens to join the VeraFast team. Recent statistics show that almost 66 percent of VeraFast callers are college students and the rest of them are home based independent contractors.

VeraFast currently employs 3 types of verifiers, namely the HMV, TSR and remote agent. An HMV verifier works directly from home using the company's proprietary software. HMVs are required to submit their reports on a daily basis. Quality control exams are often performed for the company to ensure accuracy and quality work to clients. On the other hand, TSR verifiers are those who work on site with the use of hi tech predictive dialer systems. A remote agent is a special type of verifier that works at home and has access to the predictive dialer system in the office. 

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