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Using the Internet to Advertise Your LSAT Tutoring Business


Now that you have started your LSAT tutoring business, you will need to advertise so that your potential clients can find you and use your services. So how do you go about advertising and marketing? While there are many "physical" ways of advertising, you shouldn't discount the Internet in terms of promotion. In fact, you might get most of your clients from the net. Here are some ways that you can use the Internet to advertise your LSAT tutoring business.

1. Create a Good Website

A good website is informative, and it doesn't just advertise. A lot of people make the mistake of creating a website that only contains their contact information and a few examples of their services. This is good if you give a person your business card and want to direct them a place where they can see your prices. However, a great website has a lot more information than this.

A great website will show your potential clients that you are an expert at what you do. This is especially vital when you are competing with other LSAT tutoring businesses. You can do this by including articles, how-to guides, and other pertinent information that someone who is taking the LSAT might find useful. Remember that the website might be the only thing they have to judge you by.

In addition to providing useful information to your clients, you should also be aware that the more keywords you have attached to your website, the more likely a search engine will pick it up. When someone types in "LSAT tutoring San Francisco" you want YOUR site to show up first. By writing some articles and blog entries with keywords, you can help make that happen.

2. Advertise on Local Sites

You should register with your local chamber of commerce, advertise at local schools and colleges and hand out business cards, but you should also advertise in some online "wanted" sites as well. Craigslist is great for this. Many tutors find clients this way. Your own town might have its own version of Craigslist as well, and it's worth using, too. Make sure that your ad sounds professional, and take a look at other ads to get an idea of how other people are handling their advertising methods. If you have a website, your Craigslist ad can lead people to it. Kijiji and BackPage are similar ad sites.

3.  Create a Facebook, MySpace and Twitter Account

The more activity you have on the Internet, the more of a presence you will have. This is desirable. You need to get your name out there. However, whatever you do, don't spam people. Remember that most people are on Facebook and Myspace for fun, not to read advertisements. Again, make it informative.

4. Sign Up for Tutoring Directories

Take a look at some directory sites and see if they are something that you are interested in joining. A directory can be a good way to connect with potential clients. However, make sure that you know what you are getting into; not all are created equally.

Follow the tips above to create a web presence for your LSAT tutoring business!

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