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Using Accounting Software for Small Business Performance Tracking


Maintaining the account books perfectly is most vital for proper business performance monitoring. For someone who is new to the field of running a small business, it can seem too complex with so many details like expenses, sales, profit and taxes. Using the accounting software is a good option if you want some respite from all these.

What Is Accounting Software?

The objective of the accounting software is to integrate financials, inventory, payroll, order fulfillment, purchasing and many other factors. The financial functionalities of the accounting software provide the user control, as well as clarity to efficiently operate a growing small and medium business.  For someone who has a fair idea about accounting, using the software can help save time and also improve the quality of information.

How Does It Help Monitor Performance?

Accounting is very much a part of the complete business management solution. The accounting software allows you to see the information from other processes, in its relevant context, without using multiple programs. You can view the customer details, products bought, sale details etc., all information pertaining to one single sales transaction by viewing a single sale receipt. This helps you to see the larger picture because of the integrated solution. It also helps track the receivables and payables  to enable you to handle the cash better. It can be configured to fix credit limits, past dues of customers, sorting and listing payables, and also print checks. 

The accounting software allows only authorized users to access the general ledger, thereby protecting the accounts from being tampered or changed. It helps you to analyze how each particular division, or product line, is performing by segmenting your accounts into a variety of combinations. It can help create multiple financial statements to make it easier for you to understand individual performances. The accounting software multitasks by managing receivables, payables, inventory, vendor and customer advances.


  • Helps save money by allowing the individual to do the accounting personally without hiring accountants or cashiers
  • Information can be produced in lesser time period
  • Faster and efficient processing of information
  • Automated generation of accounting documents like statement of account, invoices, receipts, etc.
  • Automatic processing of data from different ledgers and accounts
  • Reports with different combinations of data can be produced


There are few problems you might face when using the accounting software to track the performance of your business. Power failure, computer viruses and hackers are omnipresent with their tools of destruction. Proper control and security, both internal and external, has to be instituted to prevent computer fraud. Also, all the data that is being fed has to be checked carefully because any mistake there and the output could be affected. The software has to be made to suit your requirements or you won't get the desired results.

Other than a few problems here and there, accounting software provides you total control, improve productivity while also maintaining real time business performance visibility. In short, it is an effective tool for small business performance tracking.

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