Usborne Books: A WAHM's Guide


The Usborne Books business is something not everyone may be familiar with, but its robust online presence shows that this business has been operating for quite a while, offering a range of books and other printed material that helps to boost reading abilities in kids and generate an interest in the art of reading.

According to its founders, Usborne Books was established in order to help more kids develop reading habits. The books presented by the Usborne Books business are made to draw in younger readers and provide more entertaining reading. Over time, Usborne Books developed into a company that offers work at home moms and others the opportunity to pursue a home based business on a kind of franchise model. Sellers choose their level of involvement, opting for specific schedules involving vending events that will help them generate money through a commission sales model.

Starting Out

Individual self-employed freelancers can sign up to help sell and distribute books through Usborne Books. The company promotes its entrepreneur's self-selling kit for a modest fee. Independent Usborne Books sellers can attend various conventions and venues in order to sell books directly to the public as part of a "Sunshine Team" that has developed from proprietary market research. A business promotion kit shows all of the details about how a stay at home mom can become an independent vendor for this attractive book product line.


Usborne independent sellers get a 30% commission on direct sales. From there, the schedule of compensation is as follows: 25% on home show sales and web sales, up to 25% at school and library sales, and a range of commission opportunities at fund-raiser event sales.

Thriving with Usborne Books

When it comes to taking advantage of this partnering opportunity, a lot of sellers get involved in some Usborne initiatives aimed at advancing child literacy. Learn more about the Usborne Books "Reach For the Stars" project and other goal-oriented programs that can help in promoting books aimed at a young audience. Usborne Books also offers some matching grants and operates fund-raisers to introduce the power of reading to more of today's kids. The books and products that the company offers have won accolades from teachers, researchers and others - Usborne maintains an archive of information about how their products have been shown to reach specific target audiences. Learning more about the real uses of these books will help give a new Usborne seller an edge on making money with these unique products.

Is Usborne Books for You?

The work at home moms who will be drawn to succeed with Usborne Books often have a real passion for education. Knowing about how kids learn is a very specialized kind of study, and with a lot of personal observation, those who might be interested in selling books to the public can become a big resource for parents and other educators. The best Usborne Books sellers will also be able to problem-solve, think on their feet and deliver sales through initiative and a customer-friendly persona. Think about whether this kind of side business appeals to your "book-learning" sensibilities.

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