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Touchstone Crystal: A WAHM Business Guide


Touchstone Crystal is a wonderful WAHM business that features crystal fashion and jewelry. Through the years, Touchstone Crystal has been a competent player in the direct selling industry, providing the latest jewelry fashion trends and income opportunities as well. The company offers sparking crystals and glittering jewelries exclusively made from crystallized and enlightened Swarovski elements.

Touchstone Crystal is a proud member of the DSA, DSWA and Swarovski Group. The company features unique, elegant and sparkling jewelry parties that you can share with friends and family. They also offer a very rewarding opportunity for interested distributors and consultants. Touchstone Crystal strongly believes in producing and designing items with keen attention to style, detail and lasting value. Their collections feature a wide variety of colors, styles and designs that will match every woman's taste when it comes to jewelries. Their products range from Bohemian-inspired jewelries to the classier and sophisticated ones.

Starting as a Touchstone Crystal Consultant

To register as a consultant, an initial investment of $199 is required. With this amount, you already get Touchstone Crystal products and other business supplies worth $850 when sold in the market.

Compensation as a Touchstone Crystal Consultant

Touchstone consultants usually make around 25 to 40 percent of retail sales. If you have recruited successful consultants under your name, they can possibly advance your career path and even make additional commissions for you. Aside from the profit earned from selling crystals, consultants are also given nice incentives to help celebrate their accomplishments. Some of the incentives include gas cards, jewelry parties, holiday trips and so much more.

Touchstone Crystal believes not in the amount of time you allot for the business, but with the quality activities you do with the precious time you have. Touchstone can also help you come up with replicated websites to market your very own jewelry business at a reasonable annual fee.

Thriving as a Touchstone Crystal Consultant

Touchstone Crystal offers wonderful business opportunities for individuals who have an innate passion for jewelry and have that strong desire to generate lucrative income while spending more time with the family. The company offers many rewards and perks to their consultants such as fair pricing, generous rewards & commissions and a good training program.

Is It for You?

Touchstone Crystal is best for WAHMs that have excellent sales and marketing skills. A good public relations skill is also a plus since you will be handling showrooms, events and trade shows.

Noteworthy Information

Touchstone Crystal is best known as a 'create your own jewelry' company that has been featured in many bridal showers. It recently got in to Golden Globe's Style Lounge.

Let your guests choose the crystal of their choice and playfully blend with colors. Touchstone Crystal is a company that celebrates the friendships and connections woman share with each other. Its great compensation package is very attractive for fashionable women out there who would want to remain trendy and earn extra income as well.

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