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Time Management: The Best Time to Do Housework


If you were to list all of your activities with the amount of time it takes to accomplish each one, you'll notice that housework takes up a good amount of time. It's a task that has to get done, but you can do it in a more efficient way. One of the ways to improve this area of your life is to figure out the best time to do housework. Here are some guidelines to help you determine what that is in your home:

Minimal Interruptions

The time to do housework is when you have minimal interruptions. It's not the best chore to squeeze in between making business phone calls, doing other household tasks or home schooling. Even though it can be mundane at times, housework does require concentration. If you get interrupted, you'll have to break and regain concentration, which results in more time to get the same work done. Finding the time with minimal interruptions can be difficult, especially if you have infants. Here are some ideas for times that might work:

  • During your children's nap times
  • Early in the morning before anyone wakes up
  • Late at night after everyone goes to bed
  • During playtime

You may have to take advantage of these times for your work-at-home business as well. If so, then limit how often you do housework.

Weekly Housework

Choose one day a week to do major housework. The best time might be at the end of the week, after you complete all of your other family tasks and business tasks. Depending on how you operate your business, a weekday might be the best day. It takes too much time to do major cleaning every day, and it's not necessary. You and your family can maintain the house, and clean up spills along the way. It's also important to assign chores to your kids, so that they can help the household, learn how to serve others, and develop diligence.

Avoid Deadlines

It's not the best time to do housework when you have deadlines to meet. You need to meet those deadlines in order to maintain a good reputation in your work. The house can wait, unless it's really a health and sanitary issue. Ask your family for help to get the house in order to a point that's livable until the deadlines passes. If that's not possible, and you must clean house, then consider hiring someone to do it. You can also barter with a friend to clean your house in exchange for cleaning their house, or providing some other service that would be of equal value to them.

Physical Strength

Doing housework when you have the strength to do it is one factor to consider when you want to determine the best time to do housework. If you try to do housework when you're tired, you'll end up doubling your time. Choose the time of day when you still have enough strength. For example, if you're a morning person, make that the time to do your cleaning.

Use these guidelines to narrow down the time you should allocate to housework. Write it down in your family calendar so that you can make sure that your children are available to help.

Daphne Mallory, Esq. is the co-owner of Mallory Writing Services and has written more than 100 articles helping home based business owners and entrepreneurs start and market their business.

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