The Top 2 Grants for Women in Business


There are several grants for women made available nowadays. Grants are up for grabs in whatever field of industry you are in, whether that be healthcare, research & development, education and so on. Various federal and private organizations provide grants for women in business as long as you can submit a detailed business plan that will help the entire community.

Grants for New Businesses

Federal and private institutions offer grants for start up businesses ranging from $100 to $4,000. The government has a total of 26 grant agencies from agriculture to commerce that can provide these funds to women entrepreneurs. They usually encourage network marketing companies and service-oriented businesses.

Grants for Existing Businesses

These grants that can amount up to $5,000 are intended to help women entrepreneurs expand and develop their businesses. These small business grants can be used to fund the development of a new product, market expansion or purchasing of equipment. There are several more categories to consider. It is important that you apply to each appropriate category to increase your chances of having an application approved.

There are organizations, public and private, that can offer as much as $5,000 in grants and loans. Sometimes, you need the help of an organization in order for you to get that grant in a rush. There are, however, free sites that offer these services. It might take some time, but if you have time to spare, it is worth the wait. 

  • For pioneering businesses, they can give away $100 to $4,000. For existing businesses, they can finance as much as $6,000. You can check out their site for more information and how to go over the entire application process.
  • They offer free services to business women. All you need to do is sign up and become a member of their organization. You will then have access to the site's information and find the right type of grant for you. 
  • Small Business Administration ( The office of Women's Business Ownership offers free counseling, advice and grants for women who would like to develop and expand their respective businesses. They have professional counselors to help you deal with obstacles that you may encounter in your business. 
  • The Women's Funding Network. The aim of this organization is to help build funds to empower women in the society. They try to network donors, institutions and even private women to help generate funds and allocate it to help striving women in business.
  • Financial Women International. The organization provides peer networking, information database and sharing, mentoring, business opportunities and other business and career development programs. 
  • Count Me In. This fund raising organization, exclusively for women, offers loans and grants for women not only in business but for women who want to go to college as well. They provide loans and minority grants for up to $10,000. 

The US government is doing its best to help new and existing women entrepreneurs. There are currently over 6 million women-owned businesses, with this number expected to grow and flourish in the coming years.

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