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The Pro and Cons of Setting Up a Blog for Your Home Business


For many work at home moms who are trying to get needed visibility for their businesses, a blog can be just the thing to generate some additional interest. If you are looking for a new way to drum up contacts and get noticed online, take a look at adding a blog to your site or existing project. Here are some of the pros and cons that work at home moms and other individuals associated with business blogging.

Pro: Not Expensive

In fact, a blog is basically free to start. All of the software is available, and you won't have other inherent overhead costs. That puts a blog at the head of the list for options that don't require more start-up capital.

Pro: Easy to Do

Even for those who are only beginning in the world of online content, a blog is one of the easiest projects to accomplish. With all of the templated stuff included in wordpress and other technologies, there shouldn't be that much to setting up a simple blog to promote your business, although greater style choices may require more coding.

Pro: Good Publicity

A blog provides key publicity for almost any kind of Web project. The key is to focus the blog correctly; an aimless, ill-conceived blog project may not be effective the way you'd like it to. Make sure that you have a concrete goal in mind before starting, and your blog will be likely to do what you intended.

Con: Extra Work

Some business owners don't want to mess around on side projects if they already have a lot going on. In these cases, setting up a blog can be a nuisance, or alternately, it can just be something that a busy work at home mom or other business person never gets around to. Specific choices on priorities will determine whether your blog ever gets up off the ground.

Con: Maintenance 

In general, a blog isn't something that you just start and let go. Much like indoor or outdoor plants, a blog must be maintained with careful posts and updating on a regular basis. Also like plants, a poorly tended blog starts to look bad, and can even have a negative effect if it is obviously uncared for or "dead." Before starting your business blog, it's good to make sure that you have what it takes to follow through and take care of your blog over the long term.

Con: Tedious

Some business owners may find blogging to be a tedious distraction from their core business. However, others see it as a vital way to provide more information to the public. It all has to do with your outlook on blogging. In the end, this "free" style of advertising and customer outreach isn't for everyone, and where some enjoy posting on blogs, others just find it dull and unnecessary.

Think about all of the above when you're considering a new blog for your home-based business or other similar venture.

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