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The Importance of Ergonomics in Your Home Office


Learning about the importance of ergonomics in your home office is essential to anyone who works from home. Ergonomics is all about how the human body interacts with your work and environment. Incorporating ergonomics into your home office will improve your productivity, make you more comfortable, and prevent stress and injury.

Improves Productivity

An ergonomically designed home office is one that is created to ensure maximum productivity. In order to accomplish this, purchase a desk. It isn't necessary to purchase an enormous, elaborate desk fit for the Queen, but you should buy a desk that suits your needs. If it isn't possible for you to purchase a full size desk, then look into purchasing a corner desk unit or even a laptop station. Use your kitchen table if you absolutely must, but try not to make it a permanent workspace.

Home office ergonomics also means making your office tools and resources readily available, therefore, making you more efficient and productive in your work. Organize your office space so that frequently used items are close to you, and less frequently used items are in a drawer or on a shelf. Also, keep your keyboard and mouse close to you on your desk. Having to drag out your keyboard and mouse, or pulling them closer to you every time that you sit down to work, means wasted time and less productivity.

Creates a Comfortable Work Environment

If you stay at home to work, then being comfortable is essential. Sitting behind a desk all day can be grueling for the body and mind. It is important to have a home office set up that not only improves your productivity, but also allows you to be comfortable. Many home office tools and furniture are available to aid you in creating an ergonomic and comfortable home office. First and foremost, you should have a workspace with good airflow and a working air conditioner. Invest in high-quality air conditioning and make sure it's pumping out cool air. Nobody can get work done if they are sweating and uncomfortable. Equally as important, you should invest in a quality office chair. It may be tempting to purchase a chair online, but this is one piece of office furniture that should be tested before purchased. Before you buy, sit in the chair. Make sure that it fits you well, that the arm rests are comfortable, and that you have proper back support. Also, look for a chair with adjustable height so that you can sit properly in front of your desk, but still rest your feet on the floor.

Prevents Stress and Injury

When working from your home office, you may spend hours at a time seated in front of your computer screen working and typing. Being stationary for long periods, constantly looking at a computer screen, and conducting repetitive motions like typing, can create stress for the body and mind. Ergonomics is important because it can prevent stress and injury if you do the following:

  • Make sure that your feet touch the floor at a 90 degree angle. If your feet cannot touch the floor, then use a footrest.
  • Sit with proper posture by using a comfortable, quality desk chair that will support your back.
  • Use a wrist rest in front of your keyboard and a mouse pad with a wrist rest, in order to reduce strain on your wrists and arms.
  • Your office should have proper lighting to reduce eye strain and headaches. Use both natural and artificial light, and have a quality desk lamp or task light.
  • If your office lighting causes a glare on your screen, use a glare filter on your computer monitor.
  • Make sure that your computer monitor adjusts to a viewing angle that is at eye level.
  • Place a document holder under your computer monitor while you type. This will reduce the strain to your body caused by constantly looking up at the desk.

Ergonomics in a home office is important because it improves your productivity, creates a comfortable work environment, and prevents stress and injury. Creating an ergonomic home office is easy if you follow these tips. You not only will improve the quality of your work, but also will improve the quality of your mind and body.

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