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The Etiquette for Breastfeeding in Public


Modest mothers may find it really challenging to breastfeed their babies in public. In fact, some who really find it dreadful to breastfeed in public are forced to use formula instead of breast milk in order to avoid the situation. However, a breastfeeding mother will have to breastfeed in public sooner or later when the baby gets really hungry and there are no other options. Mothers whose nightmare is to breastfeed in public need not worry. Breastfeeding in public can be done discreetly if you prepare and practice. There are some breastfeeding etiquettes you need to follow as well so as not to offend other people.

Special Clothing

The first thing to remember when you have to breastfeed in public is to wear clothes that lets you breastfeed easily. You can use nursing clothes with buttons, snaps or hooks so as not to expose your breast accidentally while performing other tasks. Use nursing clothes that have flaps or ties in order to avoid embarrassing situations; there is such a wide array of nursing clothes being sold these days. These clothes have become really fashionable as well, so you don't have to look matronly when wearing them. It can also help if you put on a camisole or nursing tank under other clothing.

Other Techniques

If you still don't have appropriate nursing clothes, you can always carry a fashionable blanket or other cover ups which can be draped easily over your shoulder when your baby needs a feeding time. You may also use a stylish baby wrap or sling. You can use these not just to carry infants but also to cover up when there is a need to breastfeed in public. You may also want to bring extra breast feeding supplies at hand wherever you go such as additional blankets, breast milk pads, and burp cloths to save you from any embarrassing situation.

Plan in Advance

It may sound weird but another way to learn to breastfeed properly is to watch other mothers while they breastfeed in public. You may even ask them for advice; they usually will be more than willing to help you. Before you try to breastfeed in public, you still have to give yourself some time to get used to breastfeeding; especially if it's your first time to have a baby. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to privately nurse your baby anywhere; even in public.

Public Opinion

But what if you are still afraid of what other people might say? Mothers who have been breastfeeding for quite a while have gotten used to glances of strangers while nursing in public. In the long, you will grow accustomed to it and will not be affected by the reactions of strangers while feeding your baby. But in order to avoid drawing attention while nursing in public, you should be quick and discreet. The thought of exposing your breast to strangers is definitely a scary one; planning and practice will allow you to breastfeed in public discreetly.

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