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The Disadvantages of Working From Home


Working from home can sound like a dream come true. However, like any job situation, there are many disadvantages to home employment that may become apparent over time. For some, this can mean making a few adjustments to make the situation more tolerable. For others, the disadvantages can be so powerful that they will put an end to working from home. Consider the situations below as you decide if you should work from home.


One of the biggest disadvantages of home employment is that, unlike working in an office, all of the distractions of home can make it difficult to concentrate on the work at hand. When family members are at home, the distractions can make working difficult.

While you may choose to work at home over working in an office to save money on childcare costs (and to be near their children during the day), you may find that working while taking care of the children is difficult, if not impossible. Many people hire in-home childcare to help them during working hours, but this cost cuts into the income being earned.

Other distractions at home include household tasks; laundry, dishes, sweeping, and organization are all tasks that can draw you away from your career duties, lowing the income being made at home.

Health Care

Working at home often means working as an independent contractor, who is not an employee of a company. This usually means that benefits, such as health or dental insurance, are not offered. You may find that working at home is simply too expensive because you must pay for your own health care costs or health insurance from your own pocket.


Though more people than ever are working at home, many people still don't take work from home seriously. Sometimes, people with home employment are often treated as though they don't work. You may expect drop-ins by people who assume that you are free to visit, simply because you are at home.

Home employment (especially if your are the owner of the business or an independent contractor) is sometimes not taken seriously by prospective employers, and it can be viewed as a gap in the resume.


Anyone who has worked in an office, school, or any other workplace becomes accustomed to chatting with co-workers, discussing work project and other social aspects of the workplace. All of that social interaction is lacking when you work alone at home.

You may come to dislike the isolation and crave the interaction you had with co-workers. For some, this can be replaced by chatting online with other people who work at home. For others, the isolation can result in a mild depression that pushes them to abandon their home employment and to rejoin the office environment.

While many home workers enjoy their working environment, many others dislike it enough to quit the work for other opportunities. Assess what sort of person you are, how you work best and your current life situation. Some of these disadvantages may actually be advantages for you.

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