The Basics of Google Backlinks


Mastering Google backlinks is a vital part of search engine optimization and creating effective online advertising for your website. The goal is to be in the first few results for certain keywords when people type those keywords into Google. Obviously, the first step is to first use those keywords in the first few lines of your web copy. However, these exact keywords will likely be used by many other websites, so there's a lot of competition to be on top of the rankings. Google must use backlinking to determine how to rank the results.

What is Backlinking?

Backlinking is when a website links back to a page on your website. People often link to websites which they deem important, useful or entertaining, so it makes sense that the more sources that link to a certain website, the more important/useful/entertaining it is. Google counts the number of sources which link to your website and the context in which they are linked. More links to your site mean a higher ranking for you.

Types of Backlinking

There are three essential types of backlinking which may be used to promote your site.

  • One-Way Backlinking: One-way links are when a website links to your website, with no reciprocal linking involved. Google considers this the most legitimate type of link, since the website which provides the link does not benefit from it. The more one-way links you have pointing to your website, the better.
  • Three-Way Backlinking: This is a slightly more complex method of linking, which requires some networking to set up. Three-way links are when you link to a website, which links to a different website, which links back to your site. You do not link directly to each other, but instead set up a small circle of linking. This is ranked less highly than one-way linking by Google since each website benefits from the link exchange.
  • Two-Way Backlinking: This is when you link to a site which links back to you. Two-way links are the least effective links, since both websites directly benefit.

How to Backlink

You can set up a lot of one-way and two-way backlinks yourself for free, with the tools available to you on the Internet. Start a blog on Wordpress or Blogspot, open a Twitter account, join Facebook, create profiles on forums - all of these things can provide you with opportunity to link to your website, using one-way or two-way links. You should also contact other website owners to get one-way and three-way link networks set up.

Effective Backlinking

When setting up your backlinks, you should be aware that Google is on the lookout for sneaky tricks to make websites rank too highly when they're not actually that useful. If one source links to your website too much, Google will consider it spam, which will render that source ineffective. Make sure you don't link to your site from every blog post you create, from every Twitter update, and so on. Your viewers won't want to deal with incessant link promotion, and neither will Google.

Knowing how to backlink can give your website the extra boost it needs to rank highly in Google's search results.

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