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The Advantages of Telecommuting Jobs


You've taken notice, like many others, to the rise of telecommuting jobs. You're now considering whether or not it is for you. There are many reasons both employees and employers are taking telecommuting into consideration. Read on to learn about the advantages of working from home before you trade in your cubicle for your kitchen table. 

Benefits For You and Your Family

Deciding to work from home it is a major decision for both you and your family. It can benefit you all in a number of ways. The flexibility that most telecommuting positions offer is ideal for a family unit. Whether you have a kindergarten play to get to, a soccer game, or someone needs a ride to ballet lessons, when you work from home you don't have to ask a supervisor if you can take a break and get those things done (or arrange for a day off to make a recital). When you work is up to you, and your schedule revolves around the people who matter most...and it isn't your boss. Determining your own schedule has its pros, including (in many cases) determining your income.

You'll Save the Money You've Earned

Another advantage of telecommuting is a slash in expenses, like fuel and lunch. Fuel expenses are cut down a considerable amount when you don't have to commute back and forth to work.  It's also a fact that those working outside the home are more inclined to eating out.  You can kiss lunch hour expenses goodbye and get aquainted with your fridge. Relax, you don't have to worry about rushing back to work in time.

Telecommuting Jobs are Less Stressful

Avoiding workplace stress is undoubtedly a favorite advantage of working from home, where it is often said that although you work from home, you don't work alone. The best companies are easily accessible and allow you to complete your work on your time, keeping in touch with your employer or client via email and phone (as necessary). The elimination of coworkers to distract yourself with also helps with productivity. If you're the self motivated, self disciplined type, you can work from home successfully.

Opportunitites are Plentiful

A growing number of businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of offering telecommuting positions to employees. In fact, many companies are now completely virtual. Business owners realized how stress at work hindered the productivity of many employees. They also began to contemplate the cost cuts they stood to gain. Office space rents, utility bills, and even duties such as scheduling are often made history when a company decides to offer work at home positions. Every day new virtual businesses are starting up, and positions are being altered to accommodate those who wish to work from home instead.

The advantages of telecommuting are as varied as the opportunities to telecommute themselves. Think carefully about the ways in which telecommuting will affect both you and your family. Also, consider whether or not you are the right fit for a telecommuting position.  The freedom of working from home is a beautiful thing that can easily turn sour when a telecommuting position is handed to someone not equip to work from home.

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