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The Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce


The easiest of all kinds of divorce is the uncontested divorce. There is no need for a representation in court, is typically cheaper, and it preserves both parties' privacy and dignity, as well. It enables couples to simply end their marriage in a civilized manner if they feel that it is not working out the way they thought it would.

Statistics show that 95% of American divorces are uncontested, probably because of the advantages that it gives. 

When thinking about getting a divorce, there are quite a number of benefits as to why people nowadays choose uncontested divorce. Here are some common advantages that people get through this type of divorce.

Lower Costs and Expenses

Since uncontested divorces are resolved in private, and generally without the need of an attorney, divorcing parties will need to bargain with one another to settle affairs. This requires that they are able to communicate well enough to negotiate on their own. If so, then everything is done in private and with no cost. If communication is difficult between the parties, then a mediator will be needed. The mediator may cost several hundred dollars per hour. However, this will most likely involve less hours and fees than using an attorney.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Although your negotiation statements are filed with the local court after you have finished laying out your terms, it is not necessary for all agreements and disclosures made between the parties to be put on public record. Only statements which you have filed with the court are accessible to the public. Therefore, personal terms, negotiations and conditions may be kept between the divorcing couples. It is not available for public consumption, therefore effectively lowering the conflict that may be brought about by external factors.

Faster and Quicker

Uncontested divorce shows that the couple cares about their personal dignities. Fighting is eliminated and the marriage is simply ended. Unlike others where the court or lawyers have to intervene, an uncontested divorce is faster and quicker. The couple settles all conditions and lays out all your terms for ending the marriage. This type of divorce is obviously faster because you do not have wait to be scheduled for a court appearance or go through your personal lawyers. You just do things on your own, talk about it, write it on paper, and file it to the court.

Less Hard Feelings

Since uncontested divorce makes you negotiate your marriage terms with your would-be ex-spouse, it creates the possibility for healing and forgiveness; that you are now ready to move on. By choosing an uncontested divorce, you must take time and talk with each other. This open communication can give you an idea if a divorce is truly the solution to your problem or if there is another way. Your marriage might just be saved through these periodic meetings and discussions.

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