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The 4 Best Small Business Ideas for Work-At-Home Moms


The best small business ideas for work-at-home moms have one thing in common: they've proven to actually make money. Moms have successfully earned a part-time or full-time income for many years with the following business opportunities:

1.  Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides business (and sometimes personal) support to clients remotely, using the Internet and telephone primarily. Work-at-home moms are leading the virtual assistant industry by excelling in administrative and management skills. This is a great fit for any mom who spends her day managing the varied tasks of her household. Those skills can be transferred to her clients, because a virtual assistant often has to do everything from scheduling business (and personal) appointments to paying online bills. She also has to manage the tasks given to her by paying close attention to details and meeting deadlines, yet another skill learned by moms.   

2. Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer is not just a hobby for moms anymore. She can make money by putting her writing skills to work, and moms have been freelance writing successfully for years. The Internet has provided a great outlet for writing, and the need for writers continues to grow. Some work-at-home moms only write online, but the opportunities to write for print publications are still out there. Business writing is also one of the best small business ideas for work-at-home moms because there's always a demand for marketing or product related writing. A good book to read is How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business, by Lucy V. Parker.

3. Business Coach

Some moms like to help other moms, entrepreneurs and small business owners figure out the best small business ideas for them. Many people want to learn how to start a business so that they can balance their home and work life. They need someone to guide them through the stressful and sometimes overwhelming process. Business coaches do that for anyone planning, starting or running a business. This is a great fit for someone who is transitioning from another business, or has experience helping business owners.  The willingness to bear the emotional burdens of clients, and be an ever-flowing resource to them for information is a must. A coach's reward is their client's success and the impact the coach has on improving that client's quality of life.

4. Consulting Practice

Moms also become consultants in areas where they have the expertise and experience. The great thing about running a consulting practice is the ability to consult without ever having to see clients in person. Work-at-home moms advise clients right over the telephone or through email. The hardest part of starting a consulting practice is landing a client, which has to be done through networking. The internet is a great way to network through social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Once a mom launches a marketing and network campaign, she may land a few clients that may be more than enough to meet her financial needs. The key is to turn existing clients into repeat business opportunities.

The best small business ideas don't reinvent the wheel, and they have a simple business model. Keep this in mind when considering the business opportunities stated above as well as additional business ideas.

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