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Telecoaching: Opportunities in Business Management Consulting From Home


Successful business people can become trusted advisors for entrepreneurs and small business owners by consulting to mentor, and thus provide invaluable information on business management (that can rarely be accessed anywhere else). Because of this, there are many opportunities in business management consulting-from-home, for those savvy business people who are inspired and motivated to manage their own careers (while helping others start a business or manage one).

Purpose of the Business Management Consultant

Management consulting jobs incorporate many of the same aspects as being a mentor. Just like mentoring, business management consulting involves individuals who are either self-employed or employed, individually or in organizations by using knowledge, experience and problem solving skills for many kinds of business situations and scenarios.

Business consultants may operate as specialists or generalists. It is the particular client requirements that will dictate the kind of expertise that is appropriate, according to the situations presented to a consultant.

Business Management Consultant Services

Consultants often fulfill business needs that either cannot be successfully accomplished by a client due to lack of expertise, time or other resources, such as engaging in business marketing activities. Consultants may use their knowledge and resources independently to manage challenging business, company, political or media situations on behalf of a client.

Business management consultants can also be relied upon to instruct and inform through telecoaching, an effective way to teach about business acumen and advise on areas of improvement and development, and by stimulating change for a client or business by restructuring and adopting new, more desired practices.

Value of Telecoaching

Telecoaching as a business consultant device can be very effective for discussing and resolving the many challenges of the small business entrepreneur. In a short period of time, people can usually see the results of the kinds of advice that a telecoach might provide to an individual, in areas such as organization, time management, business initiation, legal requirements, technical advice and local and national small business mandates.

Telecoaching can open the eyes of the small business owner to a new way of managing their businesses. A business management consultant can help to build confidence and advise about small business development in ways that only someone who has done it themselves will be able to do, for enormous overall gain.


Becoming certified as a business management consultant can open up new business opportunities for anyone completing a certification program. The National School of Government offers a certification program for business consultancies, which covers the public or private sectors for accreditation. Qualifications consist of programs with e-learning, reading, distance learning and support.

Telecoaching Opportunity Resources

Telecoaching business management consultant services opportunities can be found on many job boards and web sites such as:

  • A to Z Internet Jobs
  • Contract Employment Weekly
  • Executive and Management Jobs Page on the site
  •'s Management Consulting Channel
  • the WetFeet site

Many of these offer message boards and  job postings, as well as profiles of consultants with job descriptions. In addition, other resources such as books and information on careers in consulting are also available. Many of the web sites also provide invaluable networking opportunities for even more client procurement possibilities.

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