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Staying Motivated When You Want to Give Up

Success is when you carry on through the dark moments of your business. Keeping these 4 tips in mind will help you reach the realm of the greats: failure is part of the process; keep your eye on the prize; do everything with purpose; boost your confidence.
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The best laid plans often go awry. As a result, your home business journey won’t be a straight line. Instead it will be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, obstacles and detours. It doesn’t take long for these challenges and frustrations in running a home business to lead to thoughts of quitting. However, the only way to reach home business success is to stay in the game. Here are some tips to say motivated when all you want to do is give up.

1) Know that Failures and Frustration are a Part of the Process

The ad you ran didn't lead to any sales. The pitch you made didn't land the client. It happens. If you understand that not everything will go as planned, you can turn these situations into learning moments. Home business success comes in great part through trial and error, from learning what works and what doesn’t.

2) Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Most goals aren’t to achieve the end result; they are something else the end result will deliver. For example, people don’t care about losing weight as much as they care about their physical appearance or being healthy. Odds are your home business is a means to a more meaningful goal, such as being your own boss, building a nest egg or staying home with your children. It is this goal that is the fuel to drive your actions. So when your ad is a flop, remind yourself that your suffering is a part of achieving your independence, gaining more time with the kids or whatever you hope a home business will deliver.

3) Do Everything with Purpose

I was meeting with a client the other day who told me she had a Google+ account because someone told her she should. I asked her if her market used Google+ and she didn't know the answer. She wasn't using Google+ with purpose. There are tons of books and coaches who’ll tell you what to do to build your business, but not all their teachings will fit your business. To avoid activities that are a waste of time, make sure you know why you’re doing them. If you Tweet, do it because your market is on Twitter and you want to make connections with them. If you’re going to spend money on an ad, do it because you know the ad speaks to your audience and you want them to follow it to your site for a free offer.

4) Boost Your Confidence

I’ve written a few books and every now and then I like to read the reviews on Amazon. It never fails that even though I may have many great reviews, the negative ones have the most impact and burst my bubble. Failures and challenges kill confidence faster than anything else. When you feel defeated, you inevitably lose the energy and motivation to work on your home business. And when you don’t work on your business, you experience more failure. It’s a vicious cycle. You need to arm yourself against self-defeating thoughts by finding things that make you feel confident. Of all the challenges in building a home business, keeping your confidence up is one of the hardest, but it can be done. Some ideas for boosting confidence include teaching yourself to focus on the good (i.e., read the good reviews, ignore the bad ones), read positive books, attend seminars, join a mastermind group or find a mentor. Sometimes, it’s even enough to turn on great music and dance.

I believe success isn’t achieved when you reach a goal. Instead, it happens in your darkest moments when instead of quitting, you soldier on. If you think of all the successful people throughout history, one of the traits that makes them great is the ability to overcome adversity. So when building your business gets hard, remember that success comes when you choose to continue down the path.

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