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Starting Your WAHM Business Off On the Right Foot


If you have been thinking about starting your own WAHM business, you might be wondering how to set it up to be successful. You might have a business plan devised and have applied for a business license, but you sill have that voice in the back of your mind asking you if you are ready to have a legitimate home business. 

Are You Ready?

Ask yourself if you are truly ready to embark on your own business. If you still have a lot to worry about with your kids, you might want to wait a month or longer before opening the business. However, you can still plan it out, which may even set you a step ahead when the business is opened.

Opening your own business can add a lot of extra stress. You have to think about everything from taxes to how to give your clients the best customer service so that they will refer you to their friends. You will be your own boss and you can set your own hours, but you still have to stay focused to get the job done.

Gain Experience and the Skills Needed

Write a list of all the job experience you have and what you honestly think about the experience you should have before opening your business. For example, if you have never baked and want to open a business based on baking brownies for local businesses, you may want to consider trying out recipes and practicing before you start. Use your talents and your experience and put them to work for you, and look for ways to get experience in the areas you lack.

Set Up an Office

Find a place in your home and claim it as your office area. Fung Shui suggests having the area as far away from your bedroom as you can if possible. If you do not already own one, you will probably want to invest in a computer to store all the information you will need for your business, such as invoices, customer information and your own polices and procedures. Keep them organized and always back up your work. This will eliminate the stress of not knowing where information is and searching through notebooks for it.

Complete most of your computer-work at home in your office area. If you have a laptop, you are able to go to different locations to work, but it could distract you from getting your work completed.

Get Organized

This isn't to imply that if your house is messy your business will fail, though it might be distracting. However, you must be organized with you schedule, work, and information about your customers, addresses, phone numbers and other business needs.

Keep everything in your office and keep everything else out of your office. Decorate your office with pictures of your kids and other things that will make you happy in your space.

At the end of the day, remove any trash and straighten up your desk by organizing your work. This will make it easier when you come back to it the next day.

Chose something to do that you will enjoy doing. It may not always be easy to work, but it will be a lot easier if you are doing something you love.

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