Start Your Internet Business Right


There are more women than ever looking for information on how to start an internet business.  Read further for tips to start your own internet business brand.

1 - Name Search

The first thing to think about is a business name.  This is the very first thing that consumers are exposed to regarding your business, so a catchy, yet professional business name is preferred.  Think of every aspect, such as how it sounds, how long it is, whether consumers can pronounce it, etc.

Once you think of a name fitting for your business, you will need to do a search for the name on the internet; search locally and web wide.  This will give you an idea of whether the name is currently being used.  Using the name of another, established business can be considered trademark infringement, which you want to avoid.  There are certain cases where using the same name is okay, such as when the services you offer are completely different.

2 - Register Name

After you have cleared your chosen business name, you must register the name through the local state offices. 

Although registering your business name is required, registering for trademark is an optional, yet recommended, protection factor.  When it is registered in this way, it becomes trademarked and no one else can use it. 

3 - Business License

While registering for a trademark is optional, applying for and maintaining a business license is mandatory. You are required to have a business license when doing business, period. 

There is a fee involved with the business license application, but it can all be done online. Your application will require you to list your business name. If you are not using your legal name as the business name, you will be required to apply for an additional DBA license in some states.

4 - DBA License

A DBA license, or "Doing Business As," is simply the license that lists your company name as it will appear on business cards and in the public domain.  For the actual business license, you can list your legal name and whether you are incorporated, a sole proprietor, or whatever is appropriate.

In essence, you may have the situation of applying for and paying for two separate, but necessary business licenses. 

5 - Articles of Incorporation

If you are starting your business as a corporation, limited partnership, or LLC, you will be required to submit articles of incorporation to your state office in addition to the license applications. 

6 - Workplace

You will have to decide where your workplace will be.  For beginning stage internet businesses, it is usually the preference to work at home.  In fact, for most moms, this is why they have chosen an internet business. 

Depending upon your individual business situation, consider paying for a post office box to use for business purposes.  This will keep your business clearly defined and will help with privacy. 

7 - Logo

Eventually, you want to come up with a business logo and a simple catch phrase that defines your business and service.  This will help establish your internet presence. 

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