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Southern Living at Home: A WAHM's Guide


Southern Living at Home was created in January of 2001, as an offshoot of home Southern Living magazine, a home and entertainment publication centered on homes in the South. The company mission is: "To create a feeling of welcome, comfort and beauty in homes all across America, while fostering the Spirit of Generosity in the lives of our consultants and their families." As a Southern Living at Home Independent Consultant, you are responsible for selling products within its catalog; in keeping with the magazine's emphasis on home, entertainment and gracious living.

Starting Out as a Southern Living at Home Consultant

To order you Starter Kit, which costs $199, you need to have a password from another Home Consultant. So, you will need to start your employment search by contacting a current Southern Living home consultant for more information. The total price of $199 includes a year's subscription to Southern Living magazine, which is refundable. 5% of your retail sales go towards the purchase of business supplies such as forms, catalogs and reminder cards. You are not required to purchase any inventory; all merchandise ships directly from the warehouse. You do not have to sell a monthly minimum to remain a consultant; however, there is a personal monthly sales quota that enables you to collect commissions from others within your group.

Compensation as a Southern Living at Home Consultant

The Southern Living at Home website is, in contrast to many home based business websites, remarkably transparent about the compensation you will receive once you join. As a consultant, you collect the sales tax, shipping and handling, and retail price of all the goods you sell. You keep 25% of this total amount and send the rest into the parent company. When you recruit other people to the company and build a "group," you can earn an additional 2%-10% of your net wholesale personal sales. You do not have to file your own sales tax, as that is handled by the parent company.

Thriving as a Southern Living a Home Consultant

To thrive as a Southern Living at Home consultant, you should work on selling the products as well as recruiting a group. The more you sell and the more people you recruit to the company, the higher your royalties. The company also offers an incentive program that offers travel rewards to destinations around the world, as well as a chance to attend the National Convention every year. At the National Convention, you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and training sessions, and earn free gifts.

Is It for You?

This opportunity works best for WAHMs who enjoy the home arts, and who have an affinity for Southern Living magazine and the ideals it espouses. As a consultant, you will also need to be comfortable with direct sales, either selling to individuals or selling at a party hosted by yourself or by another host. If you want to boost your income, you also need to be comfortable recruiting other people to the business. You also need to be able to afford the minimum upfront investment of $199.

Noteworthy Information

Southern Living at Home has chosen Cut It Out, Salons Against Domestic Abuse, as the beneficiary of its philanthropic efforts. This charity works to raise awareness about domestic abuse and trains salon professionals to recognize the signs of abuse and help their clients get the assistance they need to get out of a domestic violence situation.

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