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Six Tips for Starting Your Rubber Stamp Business


If you have decided to venture into the rubber stamp business territory with fixed rubber stamps as your area of specialization you still need to know a lot before you actually start your business.

Tip #1 - Make a Business Plan

Whatever the business you are starting you need a business plan. You need to calculate how much you will invest and when you can expect a steady income from your business. Also plan and have some back up cash for you to live on until your business picks up. Decide how many rubber stamps you need to sell each day to make your business profitable. For this calculate your establishment's costs and your profit from the sale of each rubber stamp.

Tip #2 - Buy Good Quality Products

To get a good word of mouth report and return business, make sure that you use quality stuff to make your rubber stamps. The handles for your rubber stamp, for instance, should be made of good quality wood and not break easily when in use.

Tip #3 - Negotiate a Lower Shipping Price

Contact your shipping company and ask them to give you a discount on shipping costs in return for regular work from you. In most cases they will oblige you. You can then pass on some of this discount to your customers.

Tip #4 - Advertise

Advertise in your locality through your local newspaper and through flyers and leaflets. Get the neighborhood kids to distribute the flyers for you. Hold a stamp party and show off your fancy stamps. The local children will soon be clamoring for more of them.

Tip #5 - Avoid Spelling Errors

This is crucial in a rubber stamp. Make sure that your stamps are spelled correctly. Check and double check each rubber stamp before shipping it or delivering it to the client.

Tip #6 - Use the Internet

Use the Internet to market your rubber stamps. Every one turns to the Internet to place orders for most things nowadays. So make sure you have a web presence as soon as you start your business. Have good web copy written by a SEO (search engine optimization) expert so that your well designed site comes on top when some one searches for rubber stamps.

By using these methods to increase your business and by sticking to a business plan your rubber stamp business will soon show a profit. The key is to advertise both locally and on the internet. Also have a clear vision for your business. Make sure you know how big a business you want yours to become. By providing quality products and good service at reasonable rates, you will soon be able to get repeat customers for your business. That is the best way in which you can expand your business. Emphasize on quality and you will have a sure winner on your hands.

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