Silpada: A WAHM's Guide


Silpada started in 1997 when two moms turned their penchant for sterling silver jewelry into a business. Their creative designs are now a product of collaborations with jewelry artists to offer not just mere accessories, but a means to "empower women in their personal quest for success and in their desire to look and feel their very best." Going beyond what their jewelry represents, they extended this empowerment opportunity further by letting women, especially WAHMs like you, be their own boss.

As a Silpada Designs Representative, you will attend a party wherein a hostess will allow you to wear and display your Silpada jewelry. You will show them off to her guests and take their orders. Since the company only distributes its items through its representatives, you can also sell directly to your personal customers as well. You can  build a sales team and recruit representatives so you can earn a percentage from the wholesale sales they make.

Starting Out

You need to fill out an online form in order for you to be assigned a representative and be given more information about the business opportunity. You will also need to pay the Initial Certification Fee of $199 for you to receive materials on how to start your business. All their items like jewelry, belts and watches can then be purchased at 50% off. If you will buy $1,500 worth of jewelry at retail price, even though you will only be actually paying half of that actual cost, $99 will be slashed off your Initial Certification Fee. Buying $3500 in total retail prices or $1750 in actual cost to you will result to your Initial Certification Fee being entirely waived.


As a Design Representative, Silpada estimates your weekly earning to be $285 per week or $13,680 per year even if you will only put in about three to four hours per week. This income is 30% of the average $950 worth of retail sales of one party in a week.

If you can hold as many as five parties a week, which takes about 15 to 20 hours of your time, you can earn as much as $1,425 per week or $68,400 for the whole year. If you can sponsor a Design Representative, you will get 4% from their wholesale sales. This percentage increases as you go up the ranks. Other incentives include gift certificates for jewelry and travel benefits for two.


From being a Design Representative, you can go up to being a Senior Representative, then to a Star Leader to Silver Manager to Sterling Manager, and finally, to being a Star Director earning as much as 16% of the wholesale sales of Representatives belonging to your first level. You will also earn a percentage from the sales of the Representatives in your organization up to its 4th level.

Is It for You?

If you are fond of adding some punch into your outfits by accessorizing with jewelry, you will fit well in this business. Having the ability to surround yourself with other jewelry lovers in the company as well as a party is a big plus in succeeding in this business.  

Noteworthy Information

Silpada donates a dollar to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for every jewelry polishing cloth sold.

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