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Should You Be Working during Holiday Vacations?


Here it is again: holiday vacation season, and you're again faced with the painful conundrum: should you be working during holiday vacations? It is a question worthy of some consideration, because the yes or the no could mean additional/reduced income, more/less free time, schedule changes, family trip plans and a host of other minutia. What's the answer? Rather than give you an easy yes or no, here is the answer you didn't want to hear: it just depends.

Knowing how to think through the question is the best way to answer it. Here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind as you deliberate over the question of working during holiday vacations.

The Money Question

Rather than put it in the perspective of "should I work or not," try this question: "Do I need the money or not?" Key word: need. How is the income level right now? Does the family have an income stream? Is it sufficient? If you have plenty of money, you may want to simply enjoy the holiday vacation time as a period of rest, relaxation, getting to know your kids again now that they're out of school, and tackling some much-needed housework or hobbies. Since you're a work-at-home mom, you have the luxury of that option. If income is at a comfortable level, it's probably better to simply enjoy the time off.

The Family Question

The more important question involves family affairs. What will the kids be doing? If they will be shuffling off to summer camps, spending time in summer school, or working themselves, you may be free to throw yourself into your job. On the other hand, a houseful of ever-active six and seven year olds may be the default no-work answer you needed.

Also, it's important to answer any questions about the family schedule. If this is the year you're taking the three-week cruise to the Bahamas, or if you're planning on having a party every day during the Christmas break, a job may get in the way. Know what you're facing before you make that decision. A party every day, especially if you're hosting it, can be...a bit busy, perhaps?

The Job Question

The final question to answer is the job question. Do you already have an existing job? If so, can you easily quit it and take it up again? Some jobs are such that if you duck out of the scene for more than a week, you're a goner. If that's your type of job, it may just be best to keep tabs on it. Consider also the possibility of working reduced hours--keeping the business alive, but combining that with extra time with family and friends. If your job is the kind that is easy to pick up again, and guaranteed to keep generating income, by all means, drop it for a time and enjoy the holiday season.

The Final Question

After reading these questions and mulling over the answers, you may have come to a conclusion. If not, consider this final word of advice: what would you enjoy most? If you're not going to starve by not working, why not take some time and enjoy life?

The holiday and vacation seasons are the most memorable times for your family. They are the most enjoyable times of the year. If you can, take some time off, and enjoy the fun!

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