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Sharing Your Home Office Space with a Pet


If you work from home, you probably spend a great deal of your time in your home office space. If you have a cat or a dog, sharing your office space with your pet becomes tricky when they (or you) are needing attention.

Many would argue that there is little room for pets in a home office. Rightfully so, but you don't want to ban them from your office space. You are working from home so you can enjoy your children and pets, and while it requires some extra effort, you can easily share your home office space with Fido.

Pet Proof Your Home Office Space

Pet proofing your home office space ensures the safety of both your pet and your office equipment. You've invested in making your home office fully functional (to accommodate your working from home), and you don't want anything getting damaged and requiring repair or replacement. The biggest dangers are electronics and heavy furnishings, like bookshelves. Pet proof your office the way you would baby proof your entire house, with a few differentials:

  • Secure heavy dressers and bookshelves to the wall so a pouncing cat or playful dog won't knock them over.
  • Keep the floor clear of sharp objects and choking hazards.
  • Keep pet dishes out of the home office.
  • Protect wires with a cover, like Critter Cords; this product keeps cords safe with a protective casing that's infused scents discourage pets from chewing. Take the extra precaution of hiding cords by running them under carpeting, if possible.
  • Don't leave important papers lying around. Explaining to your teacher that your dog ate your homework is one thing; explaining it to a client is another.
  • If you do a lot of paper shredding, a Safesense shredder will keep little paws safe.
  • Consider installing a pet door; many of them are simple to install and even lock to keep your pet out of your home office space during non-business hours.


Get Fur Friendly Furniture

Your home office space furniture is its main attraction. One of the most important pieces of furniture is your chair. The best thing you could do is make smart chair choices from the beginning by comparing the types available and going with the most fur friendly:

  • Leather chairs are most attractive and easy to clean; yet they are easy for your cat to claw at as well.
  • Fabric can be hard to clean, collect fur and hold smells, but signs of scratching aren't too obvious.
  • Vinyl is a rare selection, but is durable and easy to clean.
  • Any type of chair with metal wheels is good for warding off chewing pets.


Put Pet Rules in Place

All of the pet proofing in the world won't amount to a thing if your cat or dog doesn't have rules to abide by. Teach your pet how to behave when in your home office space. That means no jumping on shelves, possibly no catnapping in chairs, and no barking during business calls.

The proper precautions taken on your part, plus the obedience of your loyal pet, will make for a pleasant experience of sharing your home office space!

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