Send Out Cards: A WAHM's Guide


Send Out Cards is a service for people and businesses who want to have someone send real personalized letters on their behalf. Saving time, you can send anything from personal ads to generate sales to Christmas cards simply by using your computer. It's a great service whether it is for family, friends or even customers! Send Out Cards is building a reputation in the on demand and marketing mailing company industry and processes over 40,000,000 card requests. It is a part of the seven billion dollar demand for cards.


If you are aiming for a business or family approach, a business Send Out Cards Kit is $159 and for a formal kit the cost is just under a $100. You never get charged for anything you don't use and market costs are only what you pay in postage. Send Out Cards gives you the ability to send off mail anywhere (no minimums) and provides the website and credit card processing service to do business, with options for more profit making programs. If you intend to sell one of their products, they can provide them for you (no purchase necessary), or you can choose your own. Lastly, the company provides you with a software program similar to Photoshop to alter your ads and upload them.


The pay system is pretty simple to understand. For each product that you choose to sell with Send Out Cards, you can earn either earn a direct profit, or a percentage of the commission cut. This focuses the task of generating sales. With the right amount of effort, generating hundreds and even thousands is possible. Again, since this home business is sales drive, the more time and effort you put into selling, the more potential there is to make.


If you are looking for an independent program, Send Out Cards gives you the tools to make it happen. Whether you adapt the system for yourself or with the company, you should be able to find a compromise of your goal for independent living. Send Out Cards is a program where they send out your personalized ads, and you do the marketing. When you sell, you profit.

If you want to succeed with Send Out Cards, study your clients market and meet their need. Top sellers understand the predicaments that customers have to go through, and what their products are designed to help. At the same time, you need to understand the number of sales also correlates to the amount of cards advertising. In short, the more cards you put out, the more likely you'll receive a sale.

Is It for You?

Send Out Cards is for family members that have card needs, or businesses that need cheap advertising. It provides the chance to make a part-time or full-time living with enough effort and literally little background needed as long as you have the time to do it. Stay-at-home parents would be ideal candidates for Send Out Cards. You can spend as little or as much time with selling their products as you see fit. But obviously, the more effort you put in, the more commission you will make. 

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