Reliv: A WAHM's Guide


Reliv International was incorporated in 1988. It began from another company, American Life Investors, Inc., founded in 1985, which sold prepaid legal plans. Reliv International offers an MLM business opportunity to sell its health products, featuring powdered nutritional supplements, sports nutrition drinks, weight-management and skin care items. Its top sellers are vegetarian beverage powders Reliv Classic and Reliv NOW. The company's marketing system includes over 68,000 independent distributors in the U.S. and Mexico, Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim.


The distributor kit costs less than $50, so the initial business start up funds are minimal. Reliv distributors receive up to a 40% discount on products. You can easily try the products out before you make a commitment to sell them. Time is the resource you must invest in, in order to develop the business and earn a respectable income. There are no monthly fees to maintain or minimum product purchase requirements. You can sign up through an existing distributor and easily locate one at the Reliv website.


Reliv uses five levels of income structure to earn by operating an independent business through its company. For retail income, you will sell products to customers. Retail profits reportedly range from 20% - 40%, based upon your level of Distributor Profit. Wholesale income is generated through a Personal Group of Distributors. Overrides are part of a residual income earned structure from leaders that you develop and come from the new leaders that emerge from your Personal Group and form their own Personal Groups. Reliv also offers cash bonuses and trips with special incentives through its Ambassador Program.

For example, when you sponsor a new Distributor at 20% profit, your personal profit level will be 40%. From this, you will receive the difference, which amounts to 20%. You will receive this amount on every item that the Distributor sells.


Take advantage of all of the mentoring and training opportunities offered through Reliv's CD video classes and links through the web site. Participate in the regular regional meetings for potential distributors. Pay attention to all of the information disseminated from existing sellers. Attend the international conferences if possible to get the most out of the opportunity.

Use the networking system offered, which can assist in offering the opportunity through online information, at computers or over the phone, with guided PDF versions of the PA Workbook or the PowerPoint presentation at the company website.

Is It for You?

Try the products to decide if you want to begin working this business. The most successful sales people are generally those who believe in their products. The work schedule is something that you can design yourself. Aside from attending some meetings from time to time, it should be easy to structure a schedule that can work for you.


The co-founder, Robert L. Montgomery, was so successful with his former firm, American Life Investors, Inc., that he was able to retire as a millionaire by the age of 38. Ambassadors travel across the world to teach new Distributors. They then become eligible to receive additional cash bonuses and travel to attend sponsored events. They also receive special recognition and may participate in exclusive events designed specifically for them.


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