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Relax, Already! 6 Ways to Reduce Stress Now


As a mom who manages kids, a home and a business- all under one roof, it's completely expected to feel some level of stress... or insanity! Especially if you haven't hired help and you're doing it all on your own, the key is reducing stress and learning to relax daily.

1. Keep it simple

Grand rituals and expensive treatments aren't necessary. Of course if you can afford it and time permits, go for that day at the spa and drink wine while you're at it! But stress relief can be as simple as a hot bath (without the kids beating on the door) and new toenail polish. You'd be amazed at how great shaven legs feel!

2. Appeal to all of your senses

Light incense and take a few deep breaths. Eat a candy bar. Listen to 80's music. Look through family photos. Have one of the kids brush your hair. Anything you can do to awaken your senses will melt away your stresses like ice cream in a toddler's hand.

3. We are creators

We have a uterus for a reason! Creating is in our DNA. If you enjoy crafting, painting, photography, writing, gardening... do it! You don't have to be Van Gogh to finger-paint with your pre-schooler. You'll probably enjoy it so much you'll keep doing it.

4. Play

Just because you are an adult, doesn't mean you should be boring. Don't forget to have fun! Do it every day. Put it on your calendar if you have to. What would make your kids laugh? Dancing in the kitchen? A water fight? A game? Find things that you think are fun to do with the family and do them! It's very hard to remember your deadlines and demands when you're nailing your kid in the ear with a water blaster!

Leaving your house is never a bad idea either. If you live, work, eat, sleep and play in the same environment, every single hour, of every single day, it helps to gather some girlfriends and dance. Go to a concert, go shopping, go to a movie.

5. Sweat a bit

Time alone is a great excuse for not working out. A close second is embarrassment and/or intimidation. Who really wants to go walk on a treadmill for an hour next to some size 2,twenty-something in spandex shorts and a sports bra? That probably adds to your stress level!

Stick with what you know. Go outside, jump on the trampoline, play basketball or tennis. Get out there and do it a few times a week. If you can't get outside, get a game that requires you to move. Including your kids ensures you'll commit. Once you tell them you're playing tag with them twice a week, they won't let you forget it. Ever.

6. Laugh

Look around you. Take stock of the wonderful things in your life. Sometimes it's as simple as watching your kids run around in their toilet paper capes with carrots in their noses.


Amy Stewart-Wright is an 80' music listening, WAH rockin', outdoor loving, Moxie Momma who lives in North Carolina with her husband and 4 kids. Her dream and passion is to inspire thousands of women to find their passions and live their happiest life.

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