Profinity: A WAHM Business Guide


This Profinity business guide will help you better understand what the company is all about, what they're looking for in a representative agent and how to become one. So what exactly does Profinity do? Profinity is a membership club where members pay a minimal monthly membership fee to be able to gain access to gift cards and discount coupons. By signing up for the packages and plans, a member can take advantage of thousands of offers that will help her save money. These include local grocery coupons, restaurant gift cards, airline vouchers, and discounts on vacation rentals and other entertainment facilities.

A point system is also implemented and a member can use these reward points in exchange for rebates and vouchers. One does not have to buy something to earn these points--a member can simply log in and gain some points. Other perks and protection benefits include the refer-a-friend program, nurse hotline, unlimited long distance calling anywhere in the country, roadside assistance, legal care referral, 24/7 tech support and ID Theft and Credit Repair services.

Recent amazing Cyber Monday Deals at Profinity include 15 percent off at any purchase at The Children's Place, 10 percent off of any $85 purchase at Radio Shack and a 25 percent discount at Land's End.

Starting Out

Starting out as a Profinity agent is relatively easy. The sign up form can be found online and someone will be contacting you right away. Once you're accepted, Profinity will be providing you with free training, regular pay and even several advancement opportunities if you're good at what you do.


Profinity agents are paid once a week and starting pay is at 18 to 20 cents per minute. This will increase as you go along and take other types of calls. Payments are made via direct deposit--no investment is required.


Promotion at Profinity is purely performance-based and work-from-home moms are even given the opportunity to train for supervisory positions in payroll, quality assurance, hiring and training. As long as you're doing well as a customer service agent and have met all the specified metrics, you will rise to higher positions in no time at all.

Is It for You?

If you are dependable, self-motivated, have the initiative and love to interact with people of different personalities, it would be relatively easy for you to become a Profinity Customer Service Agent.

Noteworthy Information

There are no security or background checks required so there should be no difficulties in getting one of the agent positions. It is an independent contracting job, so you get to work at your own pace and the minimum number of hours required is only 18 a week. However, one of the disadvantages posted online includes the absence of a real manual to help the agents handle financial and credit transactions. The call volume can sometimes be unpredictable--very high or very low at times. There are no email notices about sudden surges of the call volume.

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